IMAGENS - Forró com Daime 4- 02:42


Forró com Daime, na Fortaleza, cidade de Capixaba, Acre, Brasil. Mais sobre Lou Gold.

Saturnino singing a Luiz Gonzaga classic. In the song he complains about the loss of good air, water, land and of Chico Mendes. At the end, Saturnino changes the lyrics, connecting Chico Mendes and Mestre Irineu who both launched movements of global significance from the Acreano forest.

Most of the musicians (and many guests) are from the local Caipixaba municipality which borders on Xapuri where Chico Mendes fought to save the rainforest from the ravages logging and ranching and was murdered in 1988.

Across 20 years time the politics of the area has become more progressive with Acre State programs of land-use planning and sustainable economic development. The old tensions between those who want to preserve and those who want to exploit are being eased in the process.

On this night of forró at Vila Fortaleza another bridge is being built -- between locals from the rural ranching culture and Santo Daime visitors from the urban centers and abroad. More aboute Lou Gold.

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